In this urban and digitised landscape…

…plants are making a comeback.


My name is Rob and I have a pretty simple mission: To bring nature back to the people of the city. Everyone deserves to enjoy it in all its wild, colourful and living, breathing glory. I specialise in planting design and care for interiors and urbanised spaces. Conservatories, balconies, rooftops & living spaces. Spaces for relaxing, working or socialising are all always improved by plant life.

Plants behave differently in containers and / or inside buildings; so it’s important to understand and provide for their varying demands. Especially if you want to save yourself hours of maintenance. Plant-selection and container selection are always based on your needs, the plants needs and the needs of your space.

I offer a highly personalised service, adapting the job to each clients specific needs and working with you to ensure good ongoing maintenance. Bespoke pot designs, plant-care workshops, and rare specimen sourcing are just some of the lengths I’ve been to to ensure everyone is happy, especially the plants…

For more info please don’t hesitate to contact me or feel free to enjoy the ‘Rob The Gardener’ article series.