Plant Fashion

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We’re brining our personalities. Bring us yours. Full video:

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“Plant Fashion” was created in collaboration with artists Susan Harrison, Sharlit Deyzac, Natasha Moore and Berty Cadillac. Along with these talented comedians and passionate storytellers we aimed to create something that would challenge a few rusty norms in a playful and adventurous way. The result is a signature plant range for everyone who doesn’t like being put in a box… Or a pot for that matter. Part of the thing about life is that we all want to play, play is what makes us social and play is an instinct stronger than that of the predator†. We deserve to play and how we go about playing is how the world sees who we are. Colour, tone and shape all have a claim on our character and sometimes the world chooses not to see us in our free and playing form. As we play we let our character speak out in a way we want it to. Where we do our best playing becomes for us a safe space, our personal space, it’s precious to us and we deserve to make the rules…

‘I like that top it brings out your eyes’


Plants deserve to play, they deserve to express themselves freely in a way that suits them. Fully dressed, we all want clothes that fit. Not just in size but in the story they tell about us. Each plant is dressed so that their characters on show. Plants show such an array of form that its a deprivation of liberty to leave them in terracotta and ceramic. The equivalent of wearing a white t-shirt and jeans every day. The handbags are waterproof lined and include reservoirs so the plants get the best possible care ( as well as being low maintenance – always a priority). Everything is 100% up-cycled, even the compost of course. Their previous lives bring shades of positive memories; Vinyl records for the times of indulging in music, Champagne corks and muselets for celebrations and of course bags for memories of great times out and about.


Tell us your style and we can create a special little plant friend. The plants will be going on tour in the autumn so do also let me know your area and we’ll see if we can get to your local fare. Commissions: Do you have a bag you don’t use anymore but love just the same? We can find the right plant together and give them both a nice new long life.


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Thank you: I’d like to thank you for watching the video of course. More than that though, I’d like to thank these funny/gifted/awesome people for helping create it!

To the plant-friends:

Sharlit Deyzac (with the Cacti)

Susan Harrison (with the Umbrella Palm)

Natasha Moore (with the Air Plant)

To these talented antagonists:

Jack Hudson, James Witt & Sean Rees. (Actually the most lovely people!)

And of course Berty Cadilhac over at Sea Urchin Films, the mastermind behind it all. 🙂

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†Play is an instinct stronger than that of the predator… a lively claim which I made sound scientific so now you want some evidence. It’s qualitative and yet undeniable especially when you know the will of a wild carnivore and it’s conditioning to kill.